Stelios Manganis AIR 2013

Motion Sensor


Due to the complexity of the proposed project and the need for collecting precise data, I decided to treat this residency as a pilot project in order to investigate the possibilities, challenges and opportunities present at the given location.

The basic interest in communication between man and environmental elements, through technological aids remained unaltered. In addition, I set out to examine how the initial aim to create a social dialogue between Ben Nevis and the local community, through an investigation of new boundaries of perception and illustration of the natural environment, could practically be achieved both effectively and efficiently.

Practical Execution:

A camera installed inside the cabin, was connected to a pc and recorded live footage. A specially designed sketch (programming script) detected motion and changes in light levels through the camera feed, and motion and light sensors. By calculating the exact change in position and illumination of every single pixel within the camera’s field of view, the script is able to isolate the change in every individual tree. Based on this detection, the script converts these slight changes into a visual effect of particle ghost trail. The resulting visual enhances the concept of communication between individual trees, and between the tree and the viewer. In addition, it creates an additional dimension to the aesthetic properties linked to the overall movement and response of the trees to natural impulses, such as the wind and light.


One could experience in real time, the actual visual effect created through the programming script, through the live streaming of the video footage from Outlandia on my webpage. Based on this pilot project, it has been made clear that live streaming of video footage from Outlandia is possible, since broadband connection can be achieved via a satellite signal, without the need of any fixed, permanent infrastructure or facilities.

Future Applications:

The direct implications of the way that this project was presented, even if this was done as a trial, is that projects at Outlandia can be accessible online to a wider audience, and also Outlandia, Ben Nevis and the surrounding environment can be promoted through a number of possible Cultural and Tourist webpages, by either hosting the live stream or providing a direct link on their webpages. This can be developed into a number of different programming scripts, each offering a number of audio-visual effects, which the viewer can access or even control remotely through a webpage.

Stelios Manganis

All images courtesy Stelios Manganis 2013