Katy Connor AIR 2013

Lights in the Forest

During my time in Outlandia, I thought of all the organic networks and forms of transmission such as sunlight, signals, and the invisible networks of tree roots and branches.

Giving form to these I experimented with placing mirrors in the landscape, to reflect light as organic signals and illuminate aspects of the environment.

Reflecting Ben Nevis is a hypothetical project; it was my attempt to reflect the sunlight from Outlandia, across the valley to the other side of the Glen. The audience were the multiple climbers attempting to scale the mountain.

Alongside these works, I also took a series of photographs incorporating GPS location software and satellite perspectives on the site. Using intermittent connections to mobile-phone networks, I was then able to send these as a series of daily postcards to document my residency in Outlandia.

All images courtesy Katy Connor