Alexander Stevenson AIR 2013

The Wildman–Prelude

Alexander Stevenson is a Glasgow based artist working across a broad range of media to explore and challenge perceptions of history, cultural appropriation, shared beliefs, personal myths, and the act of re-presentation. During his time at Outlandia he made a short film and a costume. In the film, The Wildman–Prelude the artist is seen in the landscape hand-processing raw, natural materials to fabricate a costume that effects his transformation into 'The Wildman'. Glen Nevis provides an arena for a choreographed, solitary, artisanal performance, in which the landscape is simultaneously framed as a visual backdrop for a play on self-encountering, and as a resource for the maker's basic materials. In his video, Stevenson leaves us guessing where this might lead.

Time spent at Outlandia went on to inspire Stevenson's Wild Project, a creative initiative in collaboration with Stan Coenders and the MeetInZdonov Arts Space in the North of the Czech Republic to provide a hands-on international residency / networking event for contemporary artists in Europe.︎︎︎
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Video stills from The Wildman–Prelude by Alexander Stevenson 2013